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In order to succeed in any form of study the student needs ...

Why do you need to make notes?

...are memory aids, especially those associated with the capital letter of each word.

... exercises means listening to differences in intonation or differences between words.

The ... which is used in questions expecting a yes/no response or to express surprise, disbelief etc.

The sound produced in the weak form is called «...».

The ... approach is a teaching non-native speakers of English to effectively communicate with native speakers of English or other non-native speakers of English, both orally and using written forms.

When our attention is focussed and we are listening for a particular purpose, we call this «... listening».

... is learning method that depends on roleplaying.

is not mentioned in the classification of errors?

... of preparation is the minimum for a one-hour lesson, especially in your first year of teaching.

The ... is used for statements, commands and for WH... questions.

Grammar plays a leading part in the ... approach, the structure being referred to, being a grammatical structure.

... a part of the lesson when the teacher presents the language appropriate to the particular task.

Activities which are not the reward in themselves, and in which the reward is an outcome of the activity are known as ... motivation.

Which approach works in isolation?

... is a way to remember things which takes place by the students carrying out physical activities, rather than listening to a lecture or watching demonstrations.

The studying should not be ... for the student.

... exercises help students to learn things for themselves and include teaching them how to use a dictionary, the phonemic chart and about patterns in words.

You should teach words ...

… is a part of the lesson when you give students the opportunity to practice the structures involved, i.e. by drilling, choral repetition etc.

... refers to the process of reading only main ideas within a passage to get an overall impression of the content of a reading selection.

Activities which are their own reward are driven by ... motivation.

… is a reading technique to be used when you want to find specific information quickly.

The teacher has guided the class to ... when must encourage and support the learners as they complete their task - to communicate effectively using language practiced during the lesson.

Distance training is ... .

Why should we use deductive grammar methods letting the students work things out for themselves?

What is not included in <THE FOUR A’s> to get the best out of the course book that you work with?

When we listen to something in order to get a general idea of the context or 'gist' rather than for specific details, we call this «... listening».

... exercises are when students say something themselves in order to practice the sounds physically - to practice moving their mouth into the right shape.